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If you are missing teeth and are considering restoration options, you may be thinking about getting dental implants. Implants are a great option for restoring your smile. Once it is in place, your implant will look and feel just like a natural tooth, and will be virtually indistinguishable from the rest of the teeth in your smile. Because they are attached to titanium posts which are placed directly into your jawbone, they will remain in place, and the bone around the posts will strengthen over time. However, dental implants are not for everyone.

A good candidate for dental implants will have healthy gums, enough bone in their jaw to support the implant, and will be someone whose jawbones have stopped growing. It is imperative that the person receiving implants is committed to taking good care of their teeth and gums, particularly around the implants.

Your dentist may suggest another restoration option if you are pregnant, have immune disorders or take immunosuppressants. If you have uncontrolled diabetes or hemophilia, or have undergone radiation therapy on your head or neck, implants may not be for you.

If you smoke or use other forms of tobacco, or you abuse alcohol or other drugs, and aren’t likely to follow the dentist’s instructions, or if you grind your teeth, you may want to consider another form of tooth replacement.

If you are thinking about getting dental implants, you should see your dentist for an exam and a consultation. You should tell him about any medical conditions you have or any medications you take and any lifestyle factors that could affect your implants.

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