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Brushing your teeth is one of the most important things that you can do for a healthy mouth. Unfortunately, your toothbrush can’t reach between your teeth. Mouthwash is a good way to supplement your oral health care regimen, but it can’t dislodge the food particles and plaque that are lodge between your teeth. Cavities and problems can develop in those spaces along with the rest of your tooth.

Dental floss is the most effective way to clean between your teeth. But some people may not be able to use dental floss because of their age, or medical problems affecting their arms or that create range-of-motion issues. People with braces, bridges and fixed retainers may also have trouble with floss.

A water flosser uses a pulse of water to reach between the teeth to remove food debris. You should talk to your dentist about using a water flosser and see if he recommends it for you. If you have dental work, a floss threader is another alternative. A floss threader uses 12 to 18 inches of floss and helps you to pass the floss around your dental work so that you can remove the plaque and food. Floss threaders are easy to use and are available in most stores.
Dental tape is another way to clean between your teeth. It is a wide ribbon which you slide between your teeth. It cleans a large amount of your tooth at once, and is easy to use.

Cleaning between your teeth is essential, but if you have trouble with dental floss, our dentist, Dr. Carlos Rojas at Simple Smiles Dentistry can help you find alternatives. If you would like to schedule an appointment at Simple Smiles Dentistry in Patterson, New Jersey, call 973-977-8181 today.