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If you wish to restore your smile with a complete set of teeth, a toothbrush replacement treatment will be needed. Tooth replacements in the form of dental bridges, also known as partial dentures, are extremely effective because they are permanent tooth replacements that will not slip and slide around in your mouth. In addition, because they are permanently affixed, dental bridges are extremely durable and can allow you to enjoy the meals you always have.

If you’re having problems and issues with missing teeth, it is important to have them replaced as soon as possible because your oral health often depends on a complete smile. Not only will this destroy the look of your smile, but missing teeth can even cause your jaw to weaken and deteriorate. Because it does not have teeth to hold on to, it can break down and lead to gum destabilization. This can cause other healthy teeth to begin moving out of their alignment. In addition, missing teeth can become a safe haven for bacteria and plaque buildup to occur. Furthermore, missing teeth can cause issues with abilities that may be hindered or impaired, such as your ability to chew and eat food, and speak properly. To help reverse these problems, a dental bridge or similar tooth prosthetic will be needed.

To restore the effects to your smile once more and to improve your oral health, the placement of a dental bridge can be extremely beneficial. Not only can they restore lost functions, but they can even restore bite stability. Even a single missing tooth can throw off your bite stability and potentially lead to malocclusions.  Dental bridges seek to erase this and other issues as well. Furthermore, dental bridges are permanently affixed to your smile because they attach to nearby and neighboring teeth, which ensures you that you will not suffer issues such as teeth moving around.

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