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Are you aware of all of your options for oral health services that can help you keep your smile healthy and strong? How about dental sealants? This protective treatment can reduce your risk of cavities in your back teeth. Many patients choose dental sealants because they can protect the back teeth of adults and children from the effects of tooth decay.

Your teeth are covered in tooth enamel, which is a protective layer that keeps bacteria from affecting the inner tooth structure. By coating the chewing surfaces of the molars and premolars with dental sealants, your teeth can benefit from an extra layer of protection. Only healthy teeth are candidates for dental sealants, so if you have any existing dental issues affecting your smile, our dentist may need to address these in advance. Typically, children between the ages of six and twelve are the best candidates for dental sealants, but they can serve adults well, too.

Following the procedure to place dental sealants, it’s important to maintain an excellent oral care routine, as dental sealants cover teeth that can be difficult to clean and trap particles of bacteria and food. If you practice proper dental care, you may find that your dental sealants last as long as a decade.

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